Board Position


Community Lay Director Tim Nobles      
Community Spiritual Director Pastor Mike Bourcier         
Assistant Community Lay Director Vacant      
Prayer Director D.J. Hein      
Secretary - Administrative Officer Kim Roma      
Registrar Cindi Byrnes      
Treasurer Kathleen Hobbs      
Music Director Jeff Cooper      
Communications Evan Thomas      
Logistics Dana Byrnes      
Records and Manuals Jeff Brothers      
Facilities Management Ross Amato      
Agape Director Luz De Leon      
InfoSystems Janel Richardson      
InfoSystems Asst  Evan Thomas      
Board Member Will Greer      

Nominating Committee


Community Member/Previous LD Janice Wilson      
Community Member/Previous LD Brian Hobbs      
Community Member/Previous LD Mike Brown      
Community Member/Previous LD Vacant      
Board Representative
Janel Richardson (Interim)

Lay Director


Men's Walk D.J. Hein
Women's Walk Tamara Amato

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